Charitable Calls

Customers: 0 901 700 177 (1 GEL)


Pay Boxs

Bank Of Georgia / Express Pay and TBC Bank / TBC Pay during 24 hours with whole territorial area of Georgia. (Minimum payment 1 Gel). You can search for trace of kindness in Charity.


Internet Transfer

Money transfer for Credit Card. Visa / MasterCard. (Minimum payment 1 Gel).


Bank Transfer

Bank Code: TBCBGE22


GE34TB7319436080100002 GEL

GE78TB7319436180100002 USD

GE08TB7319436180100001 EUR

Bank Code: BAGAGE22


GE10BG0000000667885400 GEL

GE10BG0000000667885400 USD

GE10BG0000000667885400 EUR

Bank Code: LBRTGE22


GE06LB0115110522369000 GEL

GE76LB0115110522369001 USD

GE49LB0115110522369002 EUR