within the framework of Easter action the Fund provided assistance to 7 families and delivered Easter gifts to socially unprotected and multi-child families.


“Family Doctor” magazine decided to contribute to our beneficiary, 3-year-old Ani Mekhashishvili’s rescue and to transfer the full amount of income from February-March, 2017 issues sales of the magazine to our Foundation, for the rescue of Ani’s life, for which our Foundation would like to thank them for their support and generosity.


Lali Nakhurtsishvili, the mother of 5 children was diagnosed with skin cancer "melanoma". She need medication. The Foundation has helped the family financially.


26-year-old Lizi Janburia has a heavy diagnosis of malignant sarcoma, the second stage of bone cancer and is in need of urgent researches, examinations and treatment abroad, which extremely poor family can not afford. The Foundation has been helping the family financially.

Our Mission

Our mission: is to build “house of kindness, “which will remain in the history as a symbol of kindness in Georgia and also there will be a place where we will be able to do charitable and educational projects in order to contribution to do even little merit to improve social condition in Georgia, develop and stronger the future generation.

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