Charity event on our anniversary To keep the little heart beating... 15th of May is the day of foundation of the Fund Siketis Kvali. I has been 3 years that we are serving people and helping the most vulnerable and severely diagnosed beneficiaries with the funds contributed by kind people. This year we summarized the previous period, remembered our young and little angels.


Mamuka Zakaradze was diagnosed with malignant cancer and is undergoing treatment in Turkish clinic. Due to acute condition he requires long-term treatment which the family cannot afford. The Fund provided financial assistance to the family.


Little Ani Mekhashishvili, who had been diagnosed with gastroschisis and had undergone serious surgery at birth, had her problems worsened again a few months later, and additional two urgent surgeries abroad are required. The Foundation has financially helped her family.


young boy has chronic vascular ischemia and both of his legs are rotting. He urgently needs transportation abroad to avoid amputation of the legs. We provided financial assistance to the family.

Our Mission

Our mission: is to build “house of kindness, “which will remain in the history as a symbol of kindness in Georgia and also there will be a place where we will be able to do charitable and educational projects in order to contribution to do even little merit to improve social condition in Georgia, develop and stronger the future generation.

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